CIPI s.r.o.

since 2005

Leader in the field of steel and aluminium processing

CIPI has evolved and fulfilled the demands of Slovak as well as foreign markets, and managed to establish three individual production and assembly divisions. Through which the company attains a yearly turnover around 16 million EUR. This is a confirmation that the company is a stable partner for our business associates.

Our products

Roof skylights

CIPI, s.r.o. manufactures and delivers roof skylights onto the market, enabling the daylight to penetrate into the buildings. Openable parts may be installed into the skylights for daily ventilation (i.e. ventlights), venting the rooms underneath.

Anti-noise walls

The primary function is in particular the absorption and reduction of noise from transport in residential areas adjacent to the road or railway, by which the anti-noise walls contribute to the protection of environment and health.

Polycarbonate glazing

CIPI, s.r.o. performs both system and non-system glazing of facades or polycarbonate vertical glazing which is used mostly for industrial buildings and civil engineering. It is a light glazing with the possibility of integrating different systems of natural and forced ventilation.

Steel structures

Our company manufactures, supplies and assembles a wide spectrum of screwed or welded steel structures. During the assembly, we strive to emphasize simplicity, functionality and we carefully plan the use of profiles emphasising cost optimization. This process is supported by technical documentation, structural analyzes, implementation or production documentation.

Facade structures

CIPI, s.r.o. is also active in the segment glazed structures with aluminium frame profiles. These structures have always belonged to characteristic elements of a building. They create their appearance, function and were formed during long history. They reflect the nature of an era, culture, geographical location, fashion trends, and they significantly form the architectural design.

Our services

CIPI, s.r.o. is a supplier of squared profiles and provides also their assembly, offering its trading partners CNC sheet metal processing on the latest state-of-the-art machinery.

and punching


up to 8500 mm

unwinding and

clicking and punching

plasma cutting

bending up to 8500 mm

unwinding and cutting