Roof skylights

CIPI, s.r.o. manufactures and delivers roof skylights onto the market, enabling the daylight to penetrate into the buildings. Openable parts may be installed into the skylights for daily ventilation (i.e. ventlights), venting the rooms underneath

The skylights are fixed on roof cladding by means of skylight basements of various heights above the level of the roof cladding. Heat insulation is inserted into the basements, and everything is enclosed by hydro insulation strips or plumbing elements ensuring water-tightness.

Roof skylights are divided into:

The arch skylights are intended for the installation on flat roof or slightly sloped roof, and they are installed on a roof opening or an opening provided with a flange or frame. The construction is made of arched aluminium ribs with side base profiles. Polycarbonate is placed on the prepared basic grid made of ribs, and a pressure tensioning bar is placed on polycarbonate at the point of rib. The pressure tensioning bar is inserted into base profiles and it is tensioned by means of metric screws on both ends though a thread, and thus the self- releasing of polycarbonate is prevented.

The benefit from this application is cost saving for energy, maintenance and care for working environment.

This type is very suitable also in the reconstruction of older saddle skylights of steel construction type glazed with wire glass or glass. For this skylight type, the polycarbonate plates are not drilled though when being installed, and this is a fundamental prerequisite in order not to damage the polycarbonate structure.

The saddle skylights consist of two flat faces connected at certain angle on the top. This skylight design was formerly very popular. With the arrival of new materials such as polycarbonate and aluminium, the construction of saddle skylights survives, but they are used mostly in sales and shopping buildings, where the architectural design has priority over other aspects.

Naturally, we produce this type of skylight also with integrated ventilating parts for daily ventilation with pneumatic or electric drives.

The shed skylights have the lighting area directed at one cardinal point (best to the north) . The large glazing area enables to achieve high values of day light, favourable ratio of brightness to contrast, stability and uniformity of lighting inside a building.

The non-transparent construction of the skylights protects a building against direct solar radiation. Naturally, we produce this type of skylight also with integrated ventilating parts for daily ventilation with pneumatic or electric drives.

The spot-type skylights are intended for the installation on flat roofs or slightly sloped roofs. Copulas are installed on roof openings. The spot-type skylights are intended for all types of buildings for the purpose of lighting the rooms from the ceiling. They do not serve as an acoustic or fire protection.

We deliver the spot-type skylights also in arched design, this type has an attractive price, and a comparatively long guarantee period up to 7 years, up to 10 years for polycarbonate. Naturally, we produce this type of skylight also as an option for daily ventilation with pneumatic or electric drives.

The desk skylights are used particularly in case of smaller widths of skylights when a lower light penetration into a room is required. Light-beam permeability is high but it depends on colour design and thickness of polycarbonate plates. We use this type of skylight mostly for smaller width of openings because of a large minimum bending radius of polycarbonate. Naturally, we produce this type of skylight also as an option for daily ventilation with pneumatic or electric drives.

Skylight construction:

Skylight construction is made of certified pressed aluminium profiles designed in the following shades:

  • natural aluminium,
  • anodized aluminium,
  • colour shade within RAL shade range.

Glazing material consists of polycarbonate sheets with a thickness ranging from 10 mm to 25 mm with heat transfer coeficient Ug from 3,0 Wm2K to Ug = 1,39Wm2K, in various shades: opal, clear, bronze,  etc. These glazing thicknesses are applicable to arched skylights; for shed and saddle skylights, the thickness of glazing is unlimited and a high-quality polycarbonate glazing system by means of tongue and groove can be used, achieving a heat transfer Ug<1,0 Wm2K. With arched skylights, sandwich glazing of two polycarbonate sheets can be used where the thermal transfer Ug 1,06 Wm2K is achieved.

High quality Polycarbonate plates with IR filter, i.e. Comfort, SolarControl, IQ – infrared radiation filtration and reduction of overheating of room underneath. Daily ventilation is provided by openable parts by pneumatic or electric drives. Besides polycarbonate with IR filter, our company also offers certified plates with increased protection against hail. Hailstorms are accountable annually for hundreds of thousands of damages to skylights; using this type of polycarbonate, we can protect your skylight from this damage and thus increase the safety of your hall and machinery.

We offer various versions

  • Skylights with clear width from 1.2 to 6 m x length (unlimited)
  • Skylights with dimensioned for snow load (SL) ranging from 0.5 to 4.0kN/m2 – including structural analysis
  • Skylights with ventlights controlled with electric servo-drive or pneumatic – drive with possibility of connecting to rain-wind central control, self-closing in case of adverse weather
  • Skylights with the possibility of integrating equipment for smoke and heat exhaust in case of fire – skylight modification
  • Skylights with the possibility of mounting of photovoltaic panels

Cost saving

In construction

Because of the fact that applied material (polycarbonate, aluminium) are significantly lighter than conventional glazing made of steel and wire-glass or glass and this results in lower roof structure load and therefore roof construction costs are reduced. The combination of aluminium structure and polycarbonate is also less financially demanding than the aluminium and glass combination.

In lighting

After installing a skylight a better light transmittance into room occurs is achieved. Use of “milky shade”, i.e. opal polycarbonate causes the light to diffuse optimally, preventing the dazzling effect, and the overheating of interior by sunlight is reduced.

In maintenance

Because skylight supporting structure is made of aluminium sections, the operation is almost maintenance-free. In case of arch skylights with polycarbonate sheets the maintenance is self-cleaning because impurities are washed away by rain.

Reconstruction of old skylights

CIPI s.r.o. also specializes in the reconstruction of older buildings, halls and their roofs, halls and their roofs, where huge heat losses and water leaking into building interior through old roof cladding and old skylights occur, and therefore their reconstruction is needed. We are able to support the whole process by means of thermotechnical and light technical calculations of savings for heating and lighting.

In the 1980s, wire-glass or glass were used as glazing material, but they currently do not meet the requirements for heat losses. The difference in heat transfer coefficient U, e.g. for wire-glass , 6-7 mm thick is U = 7,0 Wm2k, and for polycarbonate, e.g. AKYVER thickness 20/7 U= 1,55Wm2k , they do not meet lighting requirements as well as safety regulations because conventional glass breaks into small dropping fractions endangering occupational safety. Therefore, polycarbonate sheets or safety glass are used to meet these requirements. With respect to their low weight, excellent insulating characteristics and resistance to break makes them suitable for the reconstruction of older skylights.

Skylight reconstruction includes the following variants:

  • Complete replacement of old skylights with a new construction including polycarbonate glazing.
  • Replacement of glass sheets, replacement with polycarbonate sheets while the original construction is kept.

The reconstruction also includes as follows:

  • Thermal insulation and insulation of supporting frame for a new skylight by means of roofing foil.
  • Removal of existing saddle skylights.
  • Transport and disposal of waste.

Guarantee period – Service

Our company has a clearly defined quality mission resulting in our guarantee periods we provide for our customers. We provide guarantee periods for the delivery and installation 5 to 7 years, up to 10 years for polycarbonate glazing for all skylights glazed with polycarbonate sheets.

We want clearly to prove to our customers by this commitment that the investment they entrusted to us has a clear base and lifetime. We provide guarantee services within 48 hours from defect reporting.



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