CIPI s.r.o. it is one of the leading manufacturers and implementers of various types of anti-noise measures in Slovakia. The primary function is in particular the absorption and reduction of noise from transport in residential areas adjacent to the road or railway, by which the anti-noise walls contribute to the protection of environment and health. The anti-noise walls help to form the environment in which they are implemented. In addition to anti-noise walls designed for roads, they can also be used to dampen sources of noise from production plants, multifunctional objects, or in individual residential construction.

In addition to anti-noise barriers, there are also anti-glare barriers used to prevent glare from vehicles on roads and in rail transport. Anti-glare barriers are an appropriate solution for civic or other objects in the immediate vicinity of roads and railway lines, whose operational nature is adversely affected by dazzling from the means of transport.

Depending on the customer’s requirements, we can ensure their full implementation including anchoring.

Types of anti-noise walls and fillings

Transparent fillings
PMMA, GSCC, Full polycarbonate

Mounted into certified aluminium frames, a system solution meeting the requirements for acoustic characteristics of airborne sound insulation DLR up to 33 db (category B3), safety class for falling fragments 2, or 4 (depending on the filling used); panels available up to 1960 x 4000 mm.

Possibility of a varied colour solution of fillings (or the use of screen printing and various glazing) and aluminium frames.


  • escape and service doors and gates,
  • removable column covers,
  • marking of escape routes,
  • security by ropes,
  • anti-graffiti treatment.

Non-transparent fillings
Aluminium anti-noise reflective panels,
one-side / two-side absorptive

Noise absorption class A4 DLR up to 14 dB, insulation with DLR up to 28 dB (category B3), certified for column span up to 6,000 m, with lifetime not less than 30 years.

Concrete anti-noise panels
made of wood chips and cement

Airborne sound insulation DLR of category B3 and absorption parameters up to category A4
Anti-noise walls by CIPI s.r.o. comply with all the requirements according to the European standard EN 14388.


  • Excellent sound insulation and sound absorption
  • Visual attractiveness
  • Homogeneous surface
  • Possible individual design
  • Combinability of materials
  • Minimum weight of aluminium panels
  • The materials meet all relevant standards and guidelines (ZTV-Lsw06, Eurocode 3, Eurocode 9, DIN Technical report 101, EN 1991-1-4)
  • Certification CE
  • High resistance to freezing and road salt
  • Minimum maintenance requirements
  • Low lifecycle costs



Roof skylights


Facade structures


Steel structures


Anti-noise walls


Polycarbonate glazing

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